Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PortaScreen sash window screen made from?
The mesh of the screen is made from aluminium which means it is resilient, rust-free, fire-proof and doesn't warp at high temperatures (it can withstand up to the heat of a match). Not only that, aluminium is a really light metal so the sash window screens are extremely light and easy to lift in and out of position. The frame is made from varnished wood and the corners are toughened to ensure the screen always keeps its shape.

Will they keep domestic pets in or out of the room?
It depends entirely on the size and strength of the animal. We've heard from customers that they are great at keeping puppies, rabbits, kittens and smaller adult cats, but of course, larger pets could probably knock the screen out of position. However the visibility of the metal mesh should be enough of a deterrent to prevent most pets from trying to use the window as a way in or out of the room.

Does the mesh of the window screen keep tiny insects out?
The main purpose of the PortaScreen adjustable window screen is to keep out larger flying insects such as flies, bees and wasps. However, the mesh is pretty fine and should be effective at preventing the majority of tiny insects like mosquitoes and midges from flying through the window. Please bear in mind, the mesh is not as fine as a mosquito net but in our 10+ years of selling PortaScreen in the UK we have never received a single comment or complaint from a customer about tiny insects getting though the mesh so we feel sure it's not likely to be an issue.

Is the sash window screen's height adjustable?
No, the PortaScreen window screens have fixed heights (see order page for details of the heights of the different models). The adjustable aspect of the screen is the width.

Can I use PortaScreen in windows that are not sash windows?
PortaScreen was designed specifically for sash window screens (the type that are square, have wooden frames and slide up and down). If your other type of window has edges that are square, and is of the appropriate size, in theory it could work, but we offer no guarantees and can't accept the product back if that is your reason for returning. For sash windows we believe PortaScreen is the best adjustable screen on the market so we really recommend it only for homes and offices with sash windows.

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