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Lets fresh air in. Keeps insects out

PortaScreen is the classic sash window screen that requires no fixing and is ready to go straight out of the box. If you are looking for a really easy to use and effective sash window screen to keep insects out and let fresh air in, then PortaScreen is the ideal product for you.

Simply lift your sash window to the required height and slot the PortaScreen into the open space. The screen slides open to fit most sash windows. View an animated demo to see how it works.

What is PortaScreen made from?

PortaScreen sash window screens are made from sturdy mesh framed in aluminium and wood. The wire mesh is easily tight enough to keep out flies, wasps, bees and pretty much all flying insects.

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Just received my PortaScreen - works fine, such a simple but effective idea. My parents were so impressed when they saw it, they've asked me to order two for their sash windows, so I have. Ian (Devon, UK)

I just wanted to say how brilliant your screens are for our sash windows. We recently bought two as we live in a second floor flat and have a five month old kitten so were very worried about opening the windows in case she managed to get out. The screens have been absolutely fantastic, especially in this lovely warm weather we've been experiencing. They are light, incredibly simple to use and install and, once in place, you can hardly tell that they were there. Thank you, thank you, thank you, for coming up with such a simple but effective product. Tracy (Surrey, UK) [ more... ]

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